Officers: 2022-23

Sophia Getz '24


Her radiance, Sophia, our beloved dictator, in her diligent work, failed to fill out exactly one form, her website bio. So we, her loving subjects, composed this ode to her magnificence. Divine Empress God-Pharaoh Sophia of House Getz the Dubs, the first of her name, Queen of the Andals, Payne Whitney, and Harkness Hall, Lady of the 19 Dances, Protector of the Realm, and Destroyer of Shuttlecocks, etc. Long may she reign. 

Tiffany Toh '25


Last we heard from Tiffany she was buried in books and a silent orchestra of rubber chickens studying for 82 finals, so she didn’t have time to fill out her form for the website bio. Every morning of the week before she consumed 5 dozen eggs. It has greatly improved her performance during and after Cha-Cha. Next year she will be a ULA for HLHS 169.
Yale Ballroom Dance Team's Avery Long

Avery Long '24

Newbie Co-Captain 

Avery is a junior in Morse College studying Chemistry and pursuing the French language certificate. A proud Michigander, he had only done a little bit of swing dancing in high school before joining YBDT as a freshman. He’s loved it ever since. Now, he’s one of this year’s Newbie Captains—teaching the same lessons he was learning just two years ago (he’s a sucker for dramatic circularity like that).If he isn’t dancing in the ballroom or dancing when he shouldn’t be in lab, you can find him listening to oldies, doing just about anything outside, or playing ping pong with his friends in the game room.
Yale Ballroom Dance Team's Grace Blaxill

Grace Blaxill '22+1

Newbie Co-Captain

Grace is currently a senior in Pierson college from Princeton, NJ. When she’s not waltzing across the Harkness Ballroom, Grace is studying Ancient Greek for her Classics major. She’s been dancing her whole life in many different styles, and started ballroom when she came to Yale. YBDT has become Grace’s second family, and she’s so excited to give back to the team this year as newbie co-captain. 

Liza Tsidulko '25

ADS Director

Liza is from Brooklyn, NY and loves dancing! She is the advanced seminar director on the YBDT. She is a sophomore in Trumbull college studying MCDB on the premed track with hopes of becoming an OBGYN. Liza has been dancing since she was 4 years old - for almost 15 years. She is a national finalist and has competed internationally focusing on 10-dance(Latin and Standard). When she’s not studying or on the dance floor, you can find Liza painting in the common room or spending time with friends and family.

Lila Selin '23


Lila is a senior in TD from New York City studying computer science and Chinese. She does research in the Social Robotics Lab and works in the buttery on Monday nights. In her copious free time she enjoys reading fiction and embroidery. On a dare, she tried ballroom dancing for the first time last year and fell in love. She joined YBDT and since then it's become 2/3 of her personality.

Zach Scott '25

Social Director

There once was a fella named ZachHis words a sheer heart attackWrote poems so dirty They were all quite flirtyThat we all were taken aback
Alas his bio we do lackAnd frankly we’d give him a smackIf it weren’t for the thoughtThat like it or notHe could flip hoe or foe on their back.

Annalie Sandor '25

Show Coordinator

Annalie Sandor is currently a sophomore majoring in Economics. Annalie got hooked with YBDT during her freshman year, and she hasn't been able to stop twirling around since. An avid performer, when she isn't running around a random theater or dancing in red fringe you can most likely find her curled up with a steaming cup of tea.

Bailey Kirkpatrick '23

Club Director

Bailey is a senior Humanities major in Saybrook from Antrim, New Hampshire. She has been on the team since 2018 and currently competes in silver Latin and Rhythm. When not dancing, Bailey loves to make different regional pizzas, knit, and do ceramics.

Rome Thorstenson '25

Publicity Director

Rome grew up in Chicago where they introduce a good number of the 7th graders to dance, and curiosity drew him to ballroom first year. He loved it not only for the dancing (which is awesome), but also the people. His other hobbies include writing in many forms: fiction, code, on a printing press—you name it. He is a sophomore in Branford College, majoring in CS, Math, and Philosophy.

Officer Accountability

The Yale Ballroom Dance Team has always valued and will continue to fight for inclusion, community, and equality. Within our team, we have never tolerated discriminatory or disrespectful behavior — but as our nation and indeed our world witness widespread and necessary calls for racial justice, it is especially important now that we hold ourselves and each other accountable. It is imperative that we do more than call ourselves an inclusive and accessible organization: we must follow through on our words, and take actively anti-racist actions today and every day. While difficult, this includes taking appropriate disciplinary action against team members who have not upheld our values. You may read more about our team values here.