Social Dancing

What makes social dancing different from competitive ballroom?

Social dancing is a lively, informal, non-competitive recreational dance environment. In addition to being great physical exercise, social dancing exposes all dancers to styles of leading and following that differ from their usual partner. Dancing without a set routine allows for improvisation and expression, and requires partners to be more receptive to each other, thus improving partnership skills.

It is customary to switch partners after every song in a social setting to be exposed to a variety of different leading and following styles, to meet new people, and even to learn new moves from new partners.

Be on the look out for regular social dance nights hosted by YBDT in the residential college dining halls! We welcome the entire Yale community to come out and learn to dance!

Social Dance

  • Salsa

  • Bachata

  • Hustle


  • West Coast Swing

  • Two-step

  • And many more!

Social Dance Opportunities in New Haven

  • YBDT-sponsored social dance nights in residential college dining halls; see our Events page for more information!

  • Email our Publicity Director to share other dance opportunities, and we will add it to the list!